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Rev Phil Jump prayer for Pause for Hope

God of life and love; compassion and mercy

Companion through every shade of life's journey

You inspired a Psalm writer centuries ago to declare

If I go up to the heavens, you are there

If I make my bed in the depths, you are there

If I rise on the wings of the dawn

Or settle on the far side of the sea

Even there your hand will guide me

Your right hand will hold me fast

And so we seek your presence in the midst of our journeys

Diverse and different, yet interwoven through the impact of cancer

You are there - when the news is disappointing, the prognosis hard and the choices difficult

You are there - in the healing, hope and relief of therapy, cure and "all clear"

You are there - when the symptoms are painful and the treatment hard to bear

You are there - in the love, care and commitment of those who share this journey with us

You are there - in the possibilities and hope we discover through common adversity

You are there - in the memories, love and longings that never desert us

Be there we pray

In the homes and family life of those who live with cancer

Be there we pray

In the research laboratories of those who strive to find cures

Be there we pray

In the treatment rooms, wards and hospices where comfort, hope and healing is found

Be there we pray

Wherever our common humanity is invested in providing love and care, support and therapy and sharing each other's burdens.

Be there we pray

In the hopes and fears; the possibilities and realities; the research and expertise; the dedication and commitment; the accepting and the overcoming that bring together today

Guide us, comfort us, inspire us and hold us fast we pray

Through Christ our Lord


Phil Jump

For Pause for Hope in October 2013

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