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Thoughts from Dr Marion Needham, Trustee of Pause for Hope

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Pause for hope – I remember many years ago hearing a sermon where the minister’s theme was ‘while there’s life there’s hope’ a very true statement. Thankfully on many occasions hope for a successful outcome to a cancer experience does happen, but sadly this is not always the case and life ends so we need to go on hoping for the cure. In my case it was my husband who faced a cancer diagnosis so I really understand the impact of this and how hard it is to stay strong and I’m so grateful that several years on he is fit and healthy but still has regular checks.

All this happened before I became aware of Pause for Hope and when I heard about it, it was something a really wanted to get involved in. Being a Trustee at the Hospice of the Good Shepherd I was very aware of the need for support for those affected by cancer and attended my first Pause for Hope service in Chester cathedral when Fiona Castle spoke movingly about her very public experience with her husband Roy. Since then many others have shared their very personal experience at similar services. What is important to me is that we increase the attendance at our Pause for Hope events so that as many people as possible, those of faith and no faith can benefit from sharing their experiences.

So I joined the Chester group that organises what has now become an annual service, the services have been held in a number of different locations and we try very hard to publicise them as widely as possible and I have taken on the role of trying to ensure we raise awareness of Pause for Hope in the local community. Those of us who organise the service want as many people as possible just to spare an hour and share in this short period of time to reflect, remember, light a candle and ‘pause for hope.’

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