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What is a Pause for Hope service?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The service is ecumenical. Representatives of all denominations lead the congregation in hymns and prayers. In Liverpool, children have figured prominently with singing, dancing and reading of Bidding Prayers. A short address is given by an invited speaker, a poem is read and music provided by the Cathedral choirs and/or invited adult and children's choirs. The most moving part of the service takes place when individual candles are lit by members of the congregation for someone with cancer or in memory of someone lost to cancer, during which the choir or solo singer provide an emotional accompaniment. An organising committee with representatives of cancer charities and organisations in Merseyside was established to plan and prepare the annual service. We are always looking for willing enthusiasts to join us. Similar groups have been established in Manchester, based at the University chaplaincy, and in Chester where the local hospitals and hospices support the service. Smaller services, tailored to local needs and facilities, have been held in parish churches in different parts of the UK and the Isle of Man. If requested, we provide help in ideas and materials such as our PFH Prayer Card. These services take different forms and may be large or small and held at other times of the year.

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