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Carpe Diem (Grasp the Day) - Joe Kelsall, Joint Winner of the Liverpool Echo Poetry Competition 2011

I wandered lonely in a crowd,

They could not see my threatening cloud,

The doctors said, 'Just one in three',

I ask you Lord, why me? Why me?

I had no thought of death or dying,

My life was full, no time for crying,

So life went on from test to test,

Myself, my God and the NHS.

I had no wish for the 'pearly portals',

No wish to leave this body mortal,

I'd lived a full exciting life,

A job I loved, a perfect wife.

I remembered once, I'd met Kay Kelly,

Did she give up? NOT ON YOUR NELLY!

I 'beat the count', I won more time,

Life's better now, much more sublime.

It's great to be restored to health,

My family is my personal wealth,

It's ten years since my life of pain,

I feel that I've been born again.

Life is calmer, smooth and sweet,

No looking back, no mere defeat,

So, dear reader at that pearly Gate,

Just bide your time, you'll have to wait.

I have so many hills to climb,

So much to do, so little time,

Look to the stars , when you can see 'em,

And make your mantra 'Carpe Diem'.

Joe Kelsall

Joint Winner Liverpool Echo Poetry Competition 2011

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