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  • Colin Pye

His Journey For Us

(and now Our journey for Him)

The stone has a role that is yet to be,

That piece of wood, part of the tree.

The Beauty of the world to see,

That started in a stable.

The signs will come,

That sea, the Walk

The stories that the many will talk

Of life through death; it will always be.

It started in that stable.

The Prophets knew that He would come

And be with us within our world.

They saw the things we could not see,

Of things that are and things to be.

They even saw that stable.

Followers now and Followers then,

With human hearts and human eyes

Still look, and see, and not realise

Yet know the Truth, His role, the Prize.

What happened in that stable.

The curtain, it was torn in two.

His role fulfilled for Me, for You,

The stone, the tree have Their place too.

It started in that stable.

We bring our bread, we bring our wine.

We are the fruit. He is the vine.

We look and see His face; Divine.

Even within a stable.

And now, today, we can start afresh.

With knowledge that He died for Us.

Our burdens light, Our sins released.

We know for death it is defeat.

And in our world it will be complete.

The Whole within that stable.

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